Monday, April 6, 2015

Park St

From time to time our church bulletin includes a leaflet from the Glimpses of Church History series. the most recent was on Harold Ockenga, who ministered at Park Street Baptist church in Boston, a church of great mission and outreach activity (I mean real 'outreach' and not the fake outreach that is really 'in-drag' of most churches).

This rang a bell with me because an e-colleague I corresponded with many years ago was then, and I hope still is a member of that church. I can mention Evan's name as he is public on the web: he writes for Architecture Week, and edits a newsletter for DBUG, also running an e-list for the group. Nice association to be reminded of.

Back to the leaflets: they are useful way to introduce Christians to Christian history; a discipline much neglected and with it the knowledge of the history of theology. The idea could go further: posters charting the history of the church, of theology, and both the OT and NT would be very useful to post around a church's foyer (idea comes from this computer language chart). In fact, I might make them and put them on my walls at home!

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