Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Bow in the sky

Ashfield council had a rainbow flag flying a while back, as I slunk off to the Catholic Club for a cheap but enjoyable lunch. The flag, of course, had more to do with Romans 1:26, than Genesis 9:8-17. But how sad, that the opportunity was not taken by churches to use this misuse of the sign of God's covenant with us to not bring a destructive flood again (and to point towards his resolution of the disquiet of evil in his creation in Christ) to point to the gospel.

In a way I'm probably relieved because most public Christian discourse is sadly ineffective at speaking out against or even in cognizance of the belief-frame that those outside the kingdom of God have.

Even worse, I've seen churches where the Ark was displayed on the pulpit to show that the church was 'inclusive' of the Romans 1:26 crowd. Of course, we all are in sin and are included in the reach of the gospel, but I think that the 'inclusion' I recall here was not about repentance, but affirmation of the conduct Paul decries.

Happily there is a church that has the rainbow used well on its webpage:

I'd reword some of the text, I think (the 'accept' 'reject' buttons don't do much for me, I'm afraid, as useful communication), but the basic idea is very affirming of faith.

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