Friday, April 29, 2016

3 bad words

There's something peculiar about language used in my experience of Baptist churches, including the one I am a part of.

I'm used to being offended by the un-Christian ideas of 'accountability' and 'challenge' (except where warranted, such as a worker is accountable to the board of the congregation). The create an irksome mis-image of Christian faith.

Today, another. Our bright young speaker in his sermon, mentioning Wimber of Vineyard fame, saying that faith was spelt R...I...S...K. This is close to the habit of The Rant, and borders on being legalistic. In the Bible, faith is spelt: Love, Peace, Joy.

Steve, the speaker, also reminded us of the Asuza Street 'revivial' leading to a 600m strong Pentacostal expansion over the past 100 years of so. I just wonder how many of that number is growth by transfer from non-Pentacostal churches; such was the predominant trend in Pentacostal circles that touched me in decades past. I also wonder about the 'revival' itself, having observed the Rodney Howard Browne debacle of the early 90s.

BTW, an interesting blog on Azusa Street.

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