Wednesday, April 27, 2016

39 steps

One of my children was at his first youth group house party recently. Wife and I discussed a concern that he is given sufficent intellectual bones for his faith to grow.

The point of concern emerged between us: I had a non-conformist Christian heritage, my wife and Anglican one. My wife extolled the 'intellectual bones' of an Anglican upbringing in the structured thought life that comes from the prayer book, the creeds and the 39 Articles, mediated by the confirmation process: a short period of active and focussed education for young teenagers.

I spent last evening perusing the 39 Articles in the Book of Common Prayer and the Australian Anglican Prayer Book, both of which are very familiar to our family. I plan to use AAPB in my children's education in the faith.

During my prowl of websites, I came to one on the Articles, one on the Homilies, and a wonderful sermon from a church in Texas.

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