Friday, April 8, 2016

Super v Bat

The film 'Superman v Batman' has just started screening, and a wonderful extravaganza of the stunt man's art it is; but it is also a wonderful extravaganza for the uncooked philosopher of religion. Lex Lothar spouts the line: "if God is good he cannot be all-powerful, and if he is all-powerful, he cannot be good". The sub-theme of the film is 'good' in a non-theistic world; the treatment is incoherently centripetal, of course.

Leaving aside the moral epistemological connundrum that this claim entails, and also the begging of the question that we are dealing with Plato's 'god' and not the Creator-God of the Bible (who besides gets quite a lot of air time in the film), it gives to the half-smart village intellectual ammuntion for water cooler conversations that would side-line most Christians.

Could any member of your church/youth group/Bible study deal with the question? Has anyone even heard of John Hick (not that he has the last word on the matter), or Augustine's theodicy, or more modern renditions? Of course not.

So, what do you teach people at your church?

I'd be pretty sure that what you do teach could not take them out of a materialist metaphysic to open the gospel to an unbeliever!

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