Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Queen

In Charles Moore's column in The Spectator for 2 April 2016 he mentioned that the longest-serving broadcaster in history is....The Queen!

Her first broadcast was on Children's Hour, 13 October 1940. She said:

'God will care for us, and give us victory and peace'

Beautiful words from a, then, young woman.

Now I'm not particularly 'into' Queens, but on the other hand I'm worried by any republic that is not as understated as the Swiss system. One commentator mentioned that in republics the wealthy rise to the top: we thus head for tyrrany by a more modern route.

Along the lines of Mitchum's Poland, the idea of a non-resident monarch is great: they are easier to dislodge should they cease to perform as required.

And thus, I think, the jingoistic misunderstanding of what a constitutional monarch is; particularly ours, whose power and role have been circumscribed by long struggles in England for religious freedom and political balance.  This we now have...briefly (an historical rarity, I might add).

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