Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Let's go sailing

Many years ago, I attended a convention on evangelising men.

We had a session on 'ideas' for such. And you know how crazy 'ideas' can be.

The conversation roiled around ideas for switch and bait games.

At last one of the paid Christians told us he'd hit on the winner idea.

He had a friend with a large sailing sloop. He'd invite men along and at the conclusion of a trip around Sydney Harbour, we'd head to a beach near North Head have a BBQ and the paid Christian would give a 'gospel talk'.

Knowing how most gospel talks go, it would be as helpful as a slap in the mush with a wet fish.

It was so lame, I was tempted to suggest a brothel crawl. It would have a similar 'medium is the message' and possibly attract more men.

All wrong. Bait and switch is unethical in business, and unethical in evangelism.

Sure, have a couple of outings 'Hunting for Fun' type adventures (could be anything, sailing is as good as any) a year that you can invite your pals to, if you have any. And just have fun together. Not corny, no 'give the gospel' like its a multi-level marketing press-gang, just mix as men. Outsiders meet Christian men and all have a good time.

Maybe then invite the pals to the annual Blokes, Beef and Bloviate (food and talk) dinner with a great speaker. No gospel presentation, but a talk that connects life and our Lord.

Naturally, there'd be quite, in the background opportunities to publicise engagement sessions: four week 'courses' on 'connection' topics that open up faith-life-work issues.

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