Sunday, May 9, 2021

The good was good, but the bad was...bad

Back to the government imposed over-reaction to a virus with a CFR of .011!

No congregational singing at church. Not even a group of formal singers, but only one person singing.

The precentor read a psalm.

I didn't see anything in the public health order to prevent the congregation reciting the psalm. But we didn't!

Prayer was good, mostly.

I quite liked that the new archbishop was referred to biblically as a 'new overseer'. Excellent that we avoided the very worldly ambiguity of 'leader'.

Unfortunately in the prayer the government authorities in India were referred to as 'leaders' of India, as though they were kings. No, they are 'the authorities'.

Then we had a 'God make everyone better' prayer, as though the Christian faith is a 'protect us from suffering' club.

The prayer should have been: that Indian Christians, missionaries, etc will have opportunities to witness to their faith in many ways, that they will preach the gospel at every opportunity with boldness, and that desperate people might be caused to turn to our Creator in repentance.

We could then go on to ask that we have opportunities to bring the gospel to our nearby Sikh worshipers and introduce them to Christ, and that this might echo through their friends and relatives in India.

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