Sunday, May 2, 2021

The curiosity of the cathedral

I walked past the St Andrew's cathedral in Sydney today.

I've done this from time to time on Sundays, more so when I lived in Surry Hills and walked up to St James King Street, where I spent Sundays with other Christians.

Back in those days, the cathedral presented a mute fa├žade to the busiest street in NSW, if not Australia. Plenty of action inside, a huge plaza beside it, of which the cathedral owns a sizable slice, and proselytizers on George St and in the plaza...for Mormonism, Jehovah's Witnesses and the Hari Krishna gong club.

I alluded to that in my previous post.

Similar today, except the outside trespassing stands, roving leaflet givers and conversations havers were Muslims and Buddhists (Falun Gong).

Here we have the cathedral as black hole and not light on hill. 

First, the staff could kick the anti-Christians off their land.

Next, they should have teams on the street all day every day from 8am to 8pm. Conversations, discussion stalls with coffee, tea and water and leaflets to hand out.

Not the lame trash normally conceived by Christians, but arresting, confronting, informative material and teams of people who can have  arresting, informative and detailed conversations with the paganism walking by.

Not kiddies with 'Two Ways to Live' but  people who have sufficient detail on Islam, JW, Mormonism, the the diverse mock-Eastern cults and paganism to have deep conversations.

The cathedral should be the Gospel heart beat of the city, not its faith cul de sac.

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