Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Plenty for women

At church there's a women's lunch and get together every month. Probably except January and December (although January would be good for mums to have some adult time, one may think).

Church generally is very womanly, feminine, it some of its language, sentiments and affective orientation.

So says Morrow in Why Men Hate Going to Church. The summary, care of Xenos. And a review.

I agree.

Here's my action plan (see, men have 'action plans'):

1. The C1228 Squad (the 'helps' of 1 Corinthians 12:28): a loose group that does the work around the place. Comes with a T-shirt of the same name. Breaks for coffee, cake and chat.

2. De-brief three times a year: an evening, dinner with speaker. Starts casually: 'get going' circles with some ice-breaker (e.g. cards with images of car parts and find the assembly you are part of. Then one sentence about what you have read, seen, heard or done recently, then another on what you would have liked to...). These are non-evangelistic, and have 'interest' content and any relevant spiritual connection. Bring your non-Christian friends, if you like, cause it's usually interesting.

3. Unit Training/Debrief/Re-group (all serious masculine names), hanging off the de-brief and done in trimesters: could be working through the 'story of reality' of the Bible in highlight books, or working up some practical skills, work, hobby, craft or spiritually related.

4. Monthly groups to work through life issues: disciplining or just reading a book of the Bible together. BB groups.

5. Manoeuvres/Re-group/Refresh (anything is better than 'retreat': 'cool your heels'?): men's away weekend: re-equipping, re-creating, re-laxing. (3Rs): biblical content, practical content, training content (for communicating convictions). Free time, nice dinner plus speaker who hangs around afterwards. 

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