Wednesday, August 4, 2021

5 basic questions

What would be the 5 basic questions of Christian faith?

1. Does God exist?

2. Is God good?

3. Can one trust the Bible?

4. Did Jesus resurrect?

5. Doesn't science disprove the Bible?

Others have a different number '5': what is the gospel?

I think that property flows from number 4 in a fulsome response and avoids the critical question of this post-secular age: that 'science' disproves the Bible, A question that is often put, despite a trend where people seem to be losing confidence in science as the Christian consensus evaporates, to be replaced by a pagan monism. Monism has no place for science because it cannot conceptualise a rational cosmos.

Nevertheless, people grab for 'science' as the fire hose to put out Christianity. When they say 'science' they really mean the neo-Darwin evolutionary synthesis. It has to be dealt with, as it forms a significant part of most children's schooling and underpins the vacuous manipulation of 'critical' 'theory' (which is neither critical nor a theory -- its a political ploy).

They are the first five questions that your church's debating society should tackle.

You don't have a debating society in your church? Sheesh. How do you practice giving an account of the hope that you have?

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