Tuesday, August 10, 2021

We're here for you...

What are most churches in your area doing during the Covid circus?

To my knowledge, most are praying for 'protection' and 'healing' and that others will be spared.

I was pleased to see one of the pastors at my church urge prayer for the ability to be able to meet together in person and join in fellowship: because that's how we encourage one another, grow in knowledge and understanding and make disciples.

As I have taken to saying,  Paul seemed to spend more time praying for boldness and courage than for safety and protection.

How about praying for opportunities to bring the gospel to people who've previously not heard it, for re-igniting faith in those who have become apathetic, for vigorously attacking governments who in a fear crazed myopia think that the only way to save a village is to destroy it? And this for a disease that largely leaves the under 60s unaffected, while the over 60s can self protect if they choose, with a little government support, if they want to take it. Indeed, we could seek for opportunities to further our own study of the Bible and learning about our convictions, to deepen our prayer life.

We could look to advocate for those who are facing significant personal and mental challenges. But no, not us!

While thinking of all this, I came across the card below, brightly coloured -- black and white version shown -- in my letter box:

"We're here for you..." How wonderful. A warm, outward looking headline. And the opening words recognise my probable concerns.

But, here's the rub. It's not a church, its a real estate salesman. What would stop a church from thinking about its own  navel and think about opportunities instead.

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