Saturday, August 14, 2021

Helicopter theology

In a recent video by Dr. Dr. WLC (he must have been inspired by the Thompson Twins), he spoke to the question of Christian particularism by means of a word play. I don't disagree with his view, but he failed to throw full light on the issue.

An illustration might help.

You've possibly head the illustration of salvation: man in ocean, about to drown, you throw him a life preserver. He calls back, 'no thanks, I can do this myself'. He drowns.

The universalist (everyone is saved view) has it like this:

Sees man in ocean drowning, calls helicopter. Rescuer in a wet suit with scuba gear lowered beside him. Man pushes him away, fights, kicks, scratches, tries to pull the scuba air tubes off. Rescuer retreats. Lowers a cage that will close around man. Encloses man and winches him to safety. Opens cage, expecting a thank you. Man fights again, punches rescuer, attempts to knock him out. Co-pilot joins in. They handcuff man. He starts using his body as a bulldozer. Wants to jump out the door. They close the door, more violence, shouting abuse at them. They throw the man into a cage on the helo.

Back at base they let him out. He tries to wreck the helo. batters the crew. They have to put him in a cage. There's a huge room, full of the rescued in cages shouting abuse, gnashing their teeth in anger, railing against rescue, calling out they loved the ocean, why were they saved. Not happy.

That's the outcome of being forced to a party you don't want to attend, where you don't know the music and won't eat the food and run around spiking the drinks, spitting on the food and soiling your pants in spite.

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