Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Christmas is upon us!

I'm a bit over-Christmassed this year. Our usual Christmas day companions are overseas; we had our Christmas lunch last Sunday, which was 7 Lessons and Carols at my local church.

Christmas eve, we took in an early service (7pm, rather than 11pm) for a rousing session of carols:

First Nowell
What Child is This?
O Holy Night
Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Angels We Hve Heard on High
Joy to the World.

And a somewhat  unusual, but well-placed reading: John 1:1-14. Excellent. The theology in the history (for which see Luke 1).

Then today (Christmas day) two, yes, two (2) services. One at our regular church, and the other at our previous regular church to stay in touch with some old friends.

Last night the sermon included this observation:

Christ and Christmas brings humanity and eternity together.

I liked it.

One of the 'problems' of theology is the communion between the eternal God and man in his temporal world.

This is done in Genesis 1 where God acts in our time-constrained and physical world, with physical effect with rational causality from his will (his word): the stage-setting intersection of eternity and humanity, enabling the reciprocal communion because we are in God's image: like him in aspects of our nature and he is existentially active in our world.

The incarnation completes and authenticates this: with God in Christ being one of us, but God and man, rescuing us from our alientation from our Creator. Both concretely grounded in the Real. The Real, where we  sweat, weep, laugh and love.

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