Saturday, December 21, 2019

Want to be a Christian?

While awaiting a friend to finish a meeting, I was browsing through the pamphlets in the foyer of the church centre, wondering what there was for a stranger, newcommer, interested person, enquirer, etc. to pick up that might pique their interest, satisfy their curisosity or stimualte them to thought and future attendance at a seminar, training session or even church meeting ('service' as we like to call them).

So here is our passive evangelist (or 'marketing colateral' if we were a business). A mess! The medium is the message, so what is the contained message here? 'Don't care.'

Then the content. I looked for something that would attract the target audience: 'alpha', 'the priceless pearl', 'John's Gospel', a few rag-eared New Testaments with unreadably small print, a survivor's guide to baptism.

None of that attracted me, I don't think any would attract me as a neophyte.

A display for literature that seeks to attract and influence should look attractive, considered and inviting, with all the brochures clearly displayed. It should also include material that would introduce the faith, introduce the Bible, deal with common questions and common objections. Be topical, relevant, interesting and accessible.

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