Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The physical creation is important

When bookish types get hold of the Bible, they tend to 'bookish-ize it'. That is, they make it about non-world things, about ideas in the mad Plato relm of 'forms'. Mad is the word.

The Bible resists this. It's literary principle is 'concrete-realism'. Its about things that happen in the world where one stubs one's toes. This world

Thus two 'this world' events are critical to understanding the world, the creator and ourselves:

The creation and the incarnation.


The importance of the the PHYSICAL aspects of creation: 6 days are proof positive that metaphysical naturalism doesn't rule.

If God had left the time door open (that is days are some sort of literary devise detached from anything real) then the atheist is epistemically guiltless because time did it, not God.

If it's 6 days then there is no more creation taking place i.e. no new genetic information arising in the creation (apart from miracles), as evolution and its time lords demand.


The PHYSICAL resurrection shows death is not natural to the creation; he's God because only God can overcome death ("I will raise my own body").

If there was no physical resurrection then he hasn't overcome death and thus is not the creator as that sort of creation says death is a natural part of the creative order (unless of course flesh is not really natural to the creation as the Gnostics believe).

(courtesy of a pal of mine)

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