Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Christmas time comes

As we approach Christmas, youth group is about to wind up...its participants will have a 6 week or more break from their Christian friends, activity and encouragement.

Sound like a good idea to you?

No, me neither.

When I was at uni, I really looked forward to the opportunities for fellowship with other Christians at holiday time. But it was a wasteland.

Until, doing a master's degree (at uni again) I started attending St Barnys at Broadway. There was a holiday program for we stranded students. A good number attended and a wonderful time was had by all. Through it I was encouraged by the connections I made and the atmosphere of the place to join the choir (don't know if they still have a choir now).

Before my experience there, I went to a few summer schools at Capernwray at Mittagong. That was a great time, fabulous education, wonderful encouraging environment, and the chance to hang out with real Calvinists (despite which, the foregoing).

Katoomba convention also figured in my year at about that time....more Calvinists, of course, but they are OK when you get to know them. And most don't know they're Calvinists anyway :-)

I'll think about how we might do similarly at our church and what form it might take...maybe none, but a 'beach mission in the city' might be an approach, but for senior high school to uni age group. A couple of social outings, a couple of group meetings. That would be all...but people meeting each other would be the aim.

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