Saturday, January 18, 2020

First God, now Jesus?

A little while ago I started a series on reasons for God, care of William Lane Craig.

But, even the devils believe in God and shudder (James 2:19)

What we want to know is why you are a Christian.
  1. Jesus mission on earth was to connect us to God, the creator of the cosmos, and nothing is more important and I think he demonstrated his ability to do this
  2. Jesus deals with the most significant existential dilemma of humanity (evil), and brings us into relationship with God our creator.
  3. Jesus holds out the promise that I will be a better person for others, enjoy live more deeply, and live forever in the company of our Creator.
  4. Jesus shows us that reality is at bottom about love and relationship, not about mere matter bumping into itself. Thus we do not have an existenial/cosmic aloneness, but rather secure certainty: the hope that we have through faith (see Hebrews 11). It underpins the significance of life that we all live under the asumption of.
  5. Often people talk about 'the problem of evil' as though this invalidates belief in God, but they fail to deal with the problems of joy, peace, beauty, care of others' that invalidate their rejection of God. Jesus connects us with these because they are from him. 
  6. He tells us that it doesn't all end here; that our lives are for more than a brief few decades, but for life forever with the maker of love, or without I choose love. 
  7. He integrates live around values of peace, love, relationship, not as fiction in a messy world, not as failed opportunities, but as what really is, and will be forever when we are with him in the new creation.

Other answers I've heard:

  • Because its true (this can go somewhere, or it can sound naff, if not in a relevant context)
  • He saves me from being separated from him
  • He gives me new life through his Spirit that he's given me.

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