Friday, January 31, 2020

What is the positive reason for your atheism?

Atheists, and especially those I call 'the village atheist' seem to be long on critiques of theism, particularly Christian theism (because no other theism is really a world-view threat), but very short on reasons why their belief is credible, has justifiable warrant, or even interest.

Next time you meet one, ask "Why atheism?" And don't accept a 'no evidence for God' argument. They must have a positive reason for their belief. Don't let them get away with turning the tables.

It will probably come down to the explanatory power of Evolution getting rid of a need for God. But that itself is in adequate. Evolution has to explain how it all started from nothing (there can be no 'big bang' without a 'big banger'; and I'm not accepting the 'big bang' by this remark), and how life arose. Then, how life-information arose, and how self-conscious mind arose such that our belief in other minds is warranted.

Tough call,  in my view, such that a non-personal origin is less credible than a personal one.

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