Saturday, January 25, 2020

The let people down project.

When I was in high school, the school Christian club was great fun. I was on the committee when in senior years, and participated in conducting meetings.

What we didn't do was equip each other to defend our faith, to understand and deal with the questions, to develop rhetorical skills and understand how to debate by questioning, for the serious detractors, and how to flick off the fools.

Still the same, based on what my younger friends tell me.

Apart from understanding the issues that interest young people and their illumination with biblical and faith information, the opportunity needs to be taken to give Christian young people knowledge about such issues as:
  • the reasonableness of belief in God
  • the unreasonableness of atheism
  • why being a Christian is existentially rational and indeed, essential
  • the popular propaganda that distorts church history and its rebuttals
  • the popular misunderstandings of Christian faith and their corrections
  • the asserted conflict between 'science' and Christian faith (really, evolutionary materialism and Christian supernaturalism).

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