Sunday, January 19, 2020

Hi, and what to do you do?

The typical introductory question of the lame of conversation. But it happens.

If you are a paid Christian: a 'minister' or 'pastor', that is, the reflexive answer is often "I'm a minister (which could be confused with a being a member of the government), or, I'm a pastor.

In most cases, a conversation stopper. I suppose you could continue. 'And I'll bet you have no idea what my typical day brings.' That might ignite a conversation.

A better way is one I've used. It's easy to give a title: can sound pompous, and can be a conversation stopper. So I describe, briefly, what I do (e.g.' I help organizations improve their capability').

If I were a paid Christian, I'd describe my work, making it a conversation opener:
  • I'm a community facilitator/educator/worker...
  • I help people learn about personal growth
  • I'm a kind of personal coach; I help people work out their life goals
  • I help people have conversations about life
  • I help people deal with life, etc.
  • I help people live forever.
Try it next time, see how it goes.

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