Saturday, October 3, 2020

A day 'in'

With the authorities imposing the current corona-circus inflicted on all and sundry (and with little push back if any from churches for their reasonable liberty to continue operating as they see fit), our church came up with  a great alternative to a spring houseparty (which would have been just like school in risk terms; i.e. almost zero).

It was a 'day in' at our church premises.

The program was:

9:00 - registration

9:30 - activities

10:30 - morning tea

11:00 - input session

11:30 - discussion groups

12:30 - free time

13:00 - lunch

14:00 - activities

16:00 - afternoon tea

16:30 - seminar 1 (a range of options available)

17:00 - seminar 2 (a range of options available)

17:30 - free time

18:00 - dinner

19:00 - movie

21:00 - close

22:00 - the real go-home time.

The consensus was that this was a great day, and is likely to be provided during each school holidays, irrespective of government panics or not about illnesses.

Something similar twice a year for the adults could be considered as well, although a better program might be two half days on the weekend.

Now if your church is too small to run such a thing, why not get together with a few local churches (in a rural area), or a group of your denomination in a large city area (for example, all the XYZ churches on the North Shore could get together).

This would be a great way of building friendships, deepening understanding of faith and its communication, and building skills in conducting groups, speaking and discussing.

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