Monday, October 19, 2020

Say hi to the neighbours

We are about to expand our church property.

It'll be a renovated house, mainly for informal work: weekend small group seminars, youth and elder use through the week.

But it looks like a house. It's amongst other houses.

We are thinking of having a 'street party' in the new ministry centre (called 'The Out House', a flippant nod towards the outdoor toilet) every year, to say hi to our neigbours and to offer them some relaxed hospitality.

This is a 'contact' thing, and being a good neighbour. We'll have some take away literature in the foyer, flyers for courses and other programs, but that's all for that side of it. No overt talks. Just food, gifts for the children, live music and a Christian entertainer with a small band of 'hosts' to serve food and ensure everyone is comfortable.

We'll invite the neighbours by direct mail and a reminder leaflet and RSVP to get the numbers.

Should be lots of fun.

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