Thursday, October 8, 2020

The main philosphical game

In my post on the Problem of evil is us, I show the locus of evil.

There's more to be said.

The philosophical or theological 'problem of evil' is, I think, a means of avoiding the problem; of attempting to avoid our problem of evil and put it back onto God.

Man does everything he can to avoid God, starting in Genesis 3:8 (the starting point of the idea that the cosmos made itself and that we 'evolved' into existence care of the same process to avoid God and eject him from the world that Genesis 1 shows him clearly active within).

We say the problem is 'God's' because we want to resist that the problem is ours. We are evil, every thought is evil as is every motive. Evil because they revolve around us our our base motive of pride.

The start of dealing with the problem of evil, the problem that cuts us off from communion with God, is to repent of rejecting God and turn to him.

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