Tuesday, October 13, 2020

A theological summary of Genesis 1 (to 2:4)

 One of the great challenges of thinking about God is how the infinite eternal God can be in communion with his finite creature, bound by time and space.

The creation account shows that God is present and active in the world of his creatures by his word (showing that his word precedes all that we know and experience in the creation).

Indeed, the very act of creating in sequence of our 'days' demonstrates this.

The only theology that would overturn this is a theology where God is not reliably available for our worship (the way we are in communion with him). That is a theology that relegates the sequence of days to story-land, but still hopes it tells us something by not telling us what is! This is the type of theology that follows Genesis 3:8, a theology that hides us from God.

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