Saturday, October 31, 2020

Supply chain for churches

We are starting a 'mainly music' program for toddlers and their families, well, mainly for toddlers.

It's about music, fun, a bit of dance and relaxing time for mums, dads, carers. Whoever brings the child.

We'll hold an optional concert by the kids in an end of year church service (it'll be 'seeker-modified', but not very, with a sermon in context).

But we'll develop a 'supply chain' out of it.

This might include reduced price mini courses on aspects of child's development.

Dinners/lunches for mums/dads/carers with a child raising expert to talk, maybe even a kick up your heels club for young parents.

All of this will have some overt Christian content, but the aim is to offer people access to the next link: 'the full life' courses (intro to the story of reality), being a 'dad/mum/carer' courses, and a 'breakaway' coffee morning or afternoon (on weekends for workers) so that parents can just relax. A creche will be available.

There'll even be occasional grandparent program, for young parents to have an older person to talk to if their actual parents are distant or unavailable.

Should be good.

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