Wednesday, October 14, 2020

The job of prayer

I chatted to my brother today about some good medical news my Radiation Oncologist gave me: 2 months ago I had three tiny lung tumours. Two weeks ago the PET scan showed two tiny tumours. The larger had not grown between scans, and a smaller one did not show as 'bright'. So, metabolically relatively inert. The smallest one was not evident.

My brother noted the importance of prayer, but mentioned inter alia that it 'didn't work' for one of his neighbours.

I reminded him: prayer is not fundamentally about solutions to problems. It's about living in communion with our Father in heaven. That's what prayer is about. It's about putting our feet in his footprints, so to speak, about learning to be part of his Kingdom. That's the magnificence of prayer: the slow alignment of our wills with his.

Not only do all atheists and other detractors miss the point. I think a lot of Christians do too.

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