Thursday, October 15, 2020

Loving God

Intentional ambiguity there in the title.

One of the defences to the 'problem' of evil is the 'free will defence'. The argument goes that God wanted people to love him who would do so freely.

Now, that's OK for Adam and Eve. The could. They chose not to and now we can't. We are left with the the negative and can only know being  poor in spirit.

But I think the defence is wrong.

We were given 'free' will (notwithstanding Adam and Eve's fall) not for God's pleasure, but for our own. God doesn't need any more pleasure. Our worship adds nothing to him.

But God, being loving, wants us to be able to, as creatures in his image, with effective volition, to fully enjoy loving him and experience his love for us!

The  Stepford wives cannot enjoy loving the Stepford husbands.

Non-'free-will' creatures cannot love God and so cannot enjoy God.

That's what its about!

Similar to the purpose of praise, worship. Its for our benefit; yet we hubristically collectively reject God.

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